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What are your prices and packages?


The first question I get asked, always! And while I don’t mean to sound vague, it really does depend on the type of shoot you are looking for.


1-hour dance and personal branding shoots start at $325.00. This base package includes 10 final images, with the option to purchase more. Large dance studio packages (such as year-end recital pictures, company photos, etc.)  vary depending on how many routines and dancers your studio has – and it’s typically up to the parents as to what they want to order. Year-end dance photos typically start at $25.00 per dancer, per routine.


All packages are customized to fit exactly what you are looking for. I also offer mini sessions a few times a year for reduced rates, so be sure to subscribe to my email list and follow my Instagram to never miss a sale!


How do you define your shooting style?


I am inspired by fashion photographers. By strong women. By beautiful light and shadows. I love classical, elegant and quiet images. Images that tell a story with a single look. I love messy images. Contemporary images. A little wild, but very graceful. I aim for the extraordinary and avoid the cliché. I look to create images that capture you – whether quiet or loud, clean or messy, classic or brand new.


Where are you based, and do you travel?


My home is in Hamilton, about 45 minutes from Toronto. I work regularly out of studios in Toronto and the greater surrounding area, Hamilton, Niagara, and anywhere in between! Outdoor shoots happen all over Ontario; so please don’t be afraid to contact me wherever you are!


I’ve photographed dancers not only in Canada, but also in New York, Sweden, and UK. I am absolutely available and willing to travel! Any upcoming travel dates will be posted on Instagram and sent out to my mailing list, so be sure to subscribe!


Do you do dance studio photos?


Yes! Company photos and year-end dance photos have a special place in my heart. It’s the first form of photography I learned as a dancer myself!


With dance studio photography, I want to give you more than just a grey background. I want photos that fit your studio brand, the brand that you have worked so hard to create and reflect in your students. With dance studio photography, you and I would go into detail about ideal looks and locations for your studio. These photos become so much more than just year-end team pictures: they become art for your walls, content for your social media, and beautiful memories for all your dancers and instructors.


Do you choose the location for sessions, or do we?


This really depends on what you want! If you have a specific location in mind, absolutely share that with me so I can check it out and determine what would work best for your session! Don’t worry if you don’t have a location in mind – that’s where I come in! We’ll chat about what you are looking for and what might fit your style and choose a location based off that. I am always finding new locations that I love, so be sure to check out my blog or Instagram for some inspiration!


What do we wear to our shoot? Do you have wardrobe with you?


Aside from pricing and packages, this is the second most common question – so don’t worry, you’re not the only one!


In your prep guide for your session, we’ll go over basics of what to have on hand. I often bring speciality pieces with me that can add an accent to your images, but I always recommend bringing more rather than less. Keep all the tags on your clothes so that you can return what you don’t use!


Do shoots include hair and makeup?


1-hour sessions do not include hair and makeup. While I leave it up to my clients, I always recommend professional makeup where possible. Professional makeup artists are trained for camera makeup, and the result is always much more polished. You are absolutely welcome to bring your own hair/makeup artist, just let me know beforehand so I can ensure there is enough space for them to work as well! I have many recommendations for makeup artists that can meet us at our session as well, so this is always an optional add-on.


How many images do we receive?


This question really depends on the package you are getting. 1-hour sessions, whether portrait, dance, or personal branding all come with 10 final images (you receive a proof gallery of all your images to choose from). Additional images are available, and most clients end up ordering 10-15 additional images, depending on their session.


Certain sessions are not based on a specific image quantity and can vary depending on the length of the session. Please contact me for any custom or large shoots!


How do we receive our images?


After your session, you’ll receive a complete digital gallery of all the images, unedited to make your selections. Once your final selection is received, I start work on editing! From there, you’ll receive a final gallery with all your selected images, in full resolution with print and web release. In your final gallery, prints and print products will be available for purchase as well.


How long does it take to get our photos back?


My turnaround time depends on the season. Some seasons are crazy busy, and I also go through quiet seasons. Because I work with other dance companies, competition season (March – June) gets quite busy, as well as the Christmas season. I am currently a one-woman operation: I edit each individual photo by hand for you myself. There is a saying in the photo industry that you can choose two of the following: quality, speed, and cost. I edit your photos as fast as I can, but I won’t sacrifice the quality for the time. Please let me know ahead of time if you have a timeline for your images (i.e. audition pieces, family gifts, etc) so I can make sure to prioritize what needs to be done first!


Generally speaking, you’ll get your proof gallery within 2-5 days of your shoot. Once your selections are made, it takes me approximately 2-3 weeks to send you your final gallery, depending on how many images are there.


Can we have the RAW images?


In short, no. Photographers will very rarely hand out their RAW images, most often times because the client is actually looking for unedited images, versus RAW files that only open with photo-specific programs.


As for unedited image, this is also a no. You wouldn’t ask your cake decorator to give you a cake that you decorate yourself – it’s a similar situation. So much is put into editing that your gallery would be incomplete without it. Trust me, you will absolutely love seeing the very best of yourself and your images with the final, edited galleries.


How far in advance should we book?


The sooner, the better! I often book 1-2 months in advance, but during quiet seasons I often have next-week availability. Please contact me if there is a specific date you had in mind!


Do you offer prints?


Call me dramatic, but I actually find it a tragedy when clients don’t print their photos. Technology changes so fast – remember when you used to get your photos on a floppy disk? And how many computers now don’t even have USB ports?! I could go on for ages, but in short: yes. Prints are a huge part of your final gallery and I personally quality check every single print you order. Your final gallery comes with an online shop of personalized prints, albums, and wall décor from your shoot.


Do you do family shoots?


Ashley Ciona Photography is dedicated to dancers and personal branding/portrait sessions. But, I do offer lifestyle and wedding photography for previous clients! Please check out Ashley Jane Weddings & Portraits for candid, lifestyle-based work.  

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